Mike & his beautiful Hungarian wife Anna.


After completing 10 yrs of performing on the Las Vegas Strip, Mike is back on the road pursuing his life long passion of helping people discover the true power of their minds through what he has dubbed Reality Realignment Engineering. We have to admit, the instances we have seen of this “Mind Mechanics” ability to help people create fast and lasting change through his ground breaking techniques have produced results that some would consider nothing short of miraculous!

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For over 25 years Mike has engaged groups of all sizes and age ranges
His witty, interactive, presentation of the wonders and powers of the human mind leaves any audience SPELLBOUND and hungry for more!

  • Events

    06 Feb 2018

    Become Your Own Boss

    Davinci Meeting Rooms [New York]

    This is an event for all the students of the great Life Coach Academy of New york to reach their business goals in no time thanks to a 7 steps program.

    More info
  • Events

    08 Feb 2018

    Achieving Your True Potential

    NYC Office Suites 1350 [New York]

    Your potential is huge. Learn how to manage it in a full weekend course in NY

    More info
  • Events

    13 Feb 2018

    Recognizing Love

    Downtown Conference Center New York [New York]

    More info

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